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5 Things You Need to Know About School Uniforms

Published on: 6/26/2020

​​​You may have seen some conflicting posts on social media about the school uniform policy.  Let's set the record straight.  Here are five things you need to know about school uniforms for the upcoming school year. 

  1. At the June 3 board meeting, the Savannah-Chatham Board of Public Education approved a temporary relaxation of the dress code policy for the 2020-2021 School Year.  That's right…it's for the 2020-21 SY only.   See the resolution here
  2. The action was taken to provide parent choice for following the dress code OR the dress code requirements of “non-uniform" school days.  The flexibility allows families to make determinations that best suits their needs in the face of uncertainty with the pandemic. 
  3. Book bags, tote bags, backpacks, athletic bags and all other similar items must have the contents clearly visible (read:  a see-through, clear plastic or mesh.) That hasn't changed.  Keep it clear!
  4. The Student Dress Code remains unchanged; however, during the 2020-2021 School Year, any parent/guardian whose child, for whatever reason, is not able to adhere to the clothing requirements of the school uniform policy may defer to the dress code for non-uniform days.  That means that students may wear clothing of a non-uniform nature provided it adheres to the guidelines for Acceptable Dress for Non-Uniform days as described in policy. 
  5. What's appropriate for the school day and consistent with the dress code?  Basically, students must wear schools IDs, no midriffs, pants that don't fit, or “short shorts" (or short skirts, jumpers or dresses) and no revealing clothing.  There are a few other guidelines so take a look at your student handbook or district policy to be certain your school wear is in compliance.  Here's a refresh on the policy.  

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