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Educate Chatham Foundation Provides Grants to those Chosen as 2019 Inspirational Educators

Published on: 5/30/2019

​SCCPSS graduations last week were extra special for eleven of the district's high school teachers.  That's because for the third year, the Educate Chatham Foundation awarded grants to one teacher from each high school to further their work in the classroom. The educators, selected by the senior class at each of the public high schools as the “most inspirational," were awarded $500 each.

The following Savannah-Chatham County Public School teachers were recognized:

·         Leilani Allen  (Jenkins)
·         Kathryn Ryan  (Woodville Tompkins)
·         Carter Hubbard  (Islands)
·         Lauren Fuquea  (Windsor Forest)
·         Paris Viens (New Hampstead)
·         Brian Wilborn  (Johnson)
·         Vernon Wright  (Savannah High)
·         Janet McCray  (Early College)
·         Teorna Sapp-Thomas  (Groves)
·         NaKeith Phillips  (Beach)
·         Meghan Scoggins (Savannah Arts)

Some of the teachers shared their thoughts on what being named their school's “Class of 2019 Most Inspirational Teacher" means to them:

“This award makes me feel that my students appreciate my instructional style in the classroom, which can be a bit unconventional. I try to connect with students the way I prefer to connect with everyone-authentically. The curriculum will never be more important than them."

Janet McCray

Savannah Early College

“This award means the world to me, not only because I was chosen from a group of extremely talented and worthy teachers at Woodville Tompkins, but because I was chosen by the students.  As a teacher you wonder if you are getting through to the students or making some kind of impression on them. Most teachers will never know. Now, thanks to this award, I know that I'm doing something right."
Kathryn Ryan
Math Teacher
Woodville Tompkins Technical and Career High School

“The class of 2019 was fun and surprising and getting this award from them was the Best Feeling Ever."

Leilani Allen

Jenkins High School

“Needless to say, I was totally shocked when Mrs. Coursey called out my name as the “Most Inspirational Teacher".  I am very grateful to the 2019 Islands High School Senior Class for this award.  As a teacher, you are always very excited when you “see" the light bulb flash over a student's head who was struggling with a concept.  They finally “get it". This award means to me that my students in this year's Senior Class, not only “got it" academically but also absorbed some of the life lessons that I try to teach all of my students.  I begin each of my classes every year telling my students; “Life and High School are just like any game, you learn the rules, you play by the rules, and everybody Wins". Again, Thank You to the 2019 IHS Senior Class for honoring me with this Award. Islands High School is adopting the new “Physics First" curriculum.  I plan on using my Award Grant to help fund some of the needed Lab Kits for the new program." 

Carter Hubbard
Islands High School

"I began my journey at New Hampstead 4 years ago with some amazing students who recently graduated, and who voted me as the 2019 “Most Inspirational Teacher”.  Realistically, I can’t truly express what this means to me.  I am shocked, humbled, and moved by their gesture.  So, thank you to the 2019 Senior class."
Paris Viens

New Hampstead High School


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