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Isle of Hope Fiddlernauts Earn First Place & Teamwork Awards at National Student Astronaut Competition

Published on: 2/7/2019

The Isle of Hope Fiddlernauts (middle school student astronauts) participated in the National Student Astronaut Competition at NASA this week - winning two First Place awards in four challenges, as well as the Apollo 13 Teamwork Award!  The Isle of Hope School had qualified two teams as part of the Top 14 in the nation during a runoff last October. 


Preparing for success at finals required a lot of dedication as the 18 student team members practiced between 10 and 20 hours each week, including after school and weekends, beginning last August.  The competition included four different challenges...Landing Challenge, Space Shuttle Atlantis Simulator Challenge, Lab Challenge and an Engineering Challenge. 



Isle of Hope had an all-girl two-member team compete for the Landing Challenge. They were the first all-girl team to advance to the finals and ended up winning first place Wednesday night.  Their runs included flying the Space Shuttle Atlantis and landing on Kennedy Space Center during the day, at night, blind, and coming in backwards.  The final run was at night with no landing instruments. The Fiddlernaut girls put the Atlantis down beautifully along the coastline.


Isle of Hope “BIGS” - a six-member girl team - also brought home first place in the Lab Challenge.  Their idea, presented to a panel of judges, was to use rushing storm water to power car batteries and provide electricity to small household appliances during power loss after major storms and hurricanes.


The Apollo 13 Teamwork Award is given to the three-member crew who works the best together. This award is significant because it is given to the team that most exemplifies the hard work and dedication of the crew from Apollo 13.  The Isle of Hope “BIGS” were also presented that award by Commander Robert Shane Kimbrough (Commander of ISS 49 and 50, Mission Specialist Endeavor).  


To see photos from the competition, follow this link for the SCCPSS SmugMug Gallery:

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