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Kidz Biz Reaches Record Number of Students With Career Information

Published on: 11/4/2022

​We usually ask young children what they want to be when they grow up. Common answers include doctor, teacher, astronaut, and firefighter, but what about other jobs essential to our economy, like research, web developer, programmer, or accountant? Realistically, most people don’t get exposure to these career options (and the working world at large) until they’re much older. By then, though, they would have already gotten through high school and grappled with the question of what to do next. Through career exploration, elementary school students can become more aware of these jobs and find something that truly suits them.

Savannah-Chatham County Public Schools hosted the second annual Kidz Biz Career Exploration Fair Thursday and Friday, November 3rd and 4th, 2022, at the Savannah Mall.  For two days, fourth and fifth grade students from each school in the district  had a chance to learn about high school career pathways and the important role business and industry plays in creating future career opportunities.  High School students shared information about pathways at the high school level.  Business Partners from across Chatham County provided  exciting activities and games to show what sorts of skills and studies a student might pursue in high school and beyond.  From welding, and nutrition/culinary arts, to automotive, photography, medicine and cosmetology, students had a blast exploring the countless options for future career endeavors!

Career Exploration skills consist of learning how to identify and analyze various career options in terms of what education, training, experience, and competencies are required for success.  As a school district, career exploration is an important topic for elementary and middle school students.  Introducing young scholars to potential career options early can keep students focused and engaged in related subjects throughout middle and high school.  Over 60 booths featuring a wide variety of career and educational opportunities were available for the students to sample.  

To view all the photos from the two-day extravaganza, click HERE.  

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