Savannah-Chatham County Public School System

SCCPSS Statement Regarding Bus Driver Call Outs

Published on: 9/8/2021

As has been stated previously, the District, as a government entity, is precluded from negotiating “agreements" with unions or other employee groups.  During the course of events over the past few days with certain SCCPSS bus drivers, it has been emphasized that all employees are expected to come to work daily and on time to perform the duties for which they are paid.

Any job-related concerns should be properly identified and documented through the chain of command. Concerns about the payroll structure are being examined. Any other legitimate concerns will be investigated and addressed accordingly.

Children and families expect transportation services. Bus drivers are expected to deliver said services. This is a requirement of the job.

This past Friday and Tuesday, the majority of SCCPSS bus drivers did show up to work and performed their duties.  Less than a quarter of our 245 drivers called out on Friday, with that number decreasing on Tuesday.  Less than a tenth of our drivers called out today and all routes were covered. 

The district once again apologizes to our families for the disruption to their schedules and transportation services over the past few days.  SCCPSS administration continues to work to resolve any issue of concern registered and encourages all employees who may have work related concerns to bring them forward in a professional manner and through the proper channels.


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