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Ten SCCPSS Graduating Seniors Named 2020 Georgia Scholars

Published on: 6/5/2020

​Ten Savannah-Chatham County Public School students from three high schools have been named 2020 Georgia Scholars by State School Superintendent Richard Woods.  There are a number of criteria students have to meet in order to earn the distinction.   A student must:

  • Have earned at least 22 Carnegie Units of credit for graduation,
  • Achieve a minimum combined score of 1360 on the S.A.T. or a Composite score of 31 on the A.C.T.,
  • Have a non-weighted cumulative GPA or at least 3.75 in core courses,
  • Be registered to vote if 18 or older be the 31st of January in the year the designation is earned
  • Show evidence of self-esteem and concern for others in day to day activities as evidenced in a letter of reference.
  • Participate in at least three different competitive interscholastic activities such as athletics,
  • Have been appointed by a school official or elected to positions of leadership in a minimum of two different organizations sponsored by the school.
  • Show evidence of leadership in a minimum of two different organizations outside of the school, including being appointed by an organization sponsor or elected to a position of leadership or role of responsibility in one of the activities.

A total of only 295 graduating seniors from across Georgia earned the honor of being named a Georgia Scholar.  “It is always special to recognize a new class of Georgia Scholars, but I have to say it is even more meaningful to recognize these students from the class of 2020," Superintendent Woods said. “In the face of disappointing circumstances and delayed plans, these students have displayed great resilience, maturity, and grace. I am honored to recognize their accomplishments and wish them well as they proceed into futures that, despite this temporary setback, are still worthy of great hope."

The SCCPSS students earning the honor are:

  • From Jenkins High School:
    • Udai Teja Mallepoola
    • Virendra Mirchandani
    • Philip Dease
    • Zachary Blazowski
  • From Islands High School:
    • Max Stanley
    • Lily Kachmar
  •  From Savannah Arts Academy:
    • McGregor Koenig
    • Anna Everly
    • Lily Allen
    • Tiana Ruden

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