Savannah-Chatham County Public School System

Coping with Disappointment

Published on: 7/9/2020

As we continue to navigate the various challenges associated with COVID-19, dealing with disappointments such as missing out on camp, gatherings with friends and family, or family vacations, may be difficult for our children and even adults to process. contributing author Christina Frank provides parents with tools to help children and parents cope with disappointment during the coronavirus crisis. Listening to and validating your child's feelings and including your child in planning activities they can participate in to give them a sense of control, are just a few of the tips provided by the author. Please read How to Help Your Kids Handle Disappointment to learn more.  Parents may also find an additional article, How to Help Kids Cope with Disappointment written by Katie Hurley, as a helpful resource. In this article, Hurley reminds parents to "be a guide, not a fixer" and to help manage their child's expectations.  ​

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