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 Gifted Curriculum

Differentiated Curriculum

Curriculum is differentiated in courses of study in which the content, teaching strategies and expectations of student mastery have been adjusted to be appropriate for gifted students. Comprehensive assessment results should be used to match gifted program services to students’ documented advanced learning needs. The ability to match appropriate instructional services to student profiles is as important an equity issue as using a variety of indicators of students’ potential giftedness.

The curricula developed by SCCPSS for gifted learners are based on the characteristics that generally differentiate gifted learners from more typical learners – learning at faster rate, increased capacity to find, solve and act on problems, their ability to manipulate abstract ideas and make connections, etc.  The learning objectives below outline the basis for the gifted curricula used in the SCCPSS gifted program. 

Curricula Implementation

Students who participate in the advanced content model of services will receive instruction that is a well defined, based on Georgia Common Core Standards, with a level of pacing and rigor that is not typical for an average student on that grade level.  This curriculum will be documented with the district Gifted and Curriculum and Instruction departments.   At the high school level advanced content models of service will be coded as Honors, Accelerated, Advanced Placement or International Baccalaureate. 

Students who participate in the cluster or collaborative models of service receive differentiated instruction based on their area of strength as noted in their eligibility report and current assessment data.  This differentiated instruction is in core content areas based on Georgia Common Core Standards.  Each student who receives differentiated instructional services using either the cluster or collaborative model will have a contract completed by the gifted education program teacher and signed by the parent and classroom teacher outlining modifications that will be made for the students. 

At the elementary level students who participate in the resource model of services use enrichment units and competitions as a basis for their instruction. Twice per marking period students will participate in lessons related to their social/emotional well being as it related to the Affective Domain.

Gifted Education Program Standards

  1. Research Skills - Develops advanced research skills and methods which include in-depth self-selected topics within an area of study.
  2. Cognitive Skills -Develops and practices creative thinking and creative problem solving skills within a variety of complex topics.
  3. Learning Skills - Develops and practices critical thinking and logical problem solving skills in academic areas.
  4. Communication Skills -Develops advanced communication skills via new techniques, materials, and formats (written, oral or visual) in products and through presentations shared with an audience.
  5. Affective Skills - Develops an understanding of self and how their unique characteristics may influence interactions with others. 

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