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Highlights from the January 11, 2023 Board Meeting

Published on: 1/11/2023

Highlights from the January 11, 2023 Board Meeting

Transportation Update

An update on the district's Transportation operations was presented to Board members at the Informal Meeting. Details on recruitment and retention efforts were provided to Board members along with information on current operational capacity impacted by the ongoing driver shortage.

2022 CCRPI Report Presented to the Board

A report on 2022 CCRPI data was presented to the Board at the Regular Meeting.  Some key points:

  • The CCRPI calculation was suspended in SY 2020 and SY 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and Georgia received federal approval to amend the CCRPI calculation for SY 2022 due the ongoing effects of disruptions to testing, accountability, and the learning environment. 
  • The Progress and Closing Gaps components were suspended for SY 2022 due to lack of sufficient prior year GMAS data to calculate Student Growth Percentiles of subgroup improvement targets.  SY 2022 GMAS scores will serve as the new baseline for those calculations in SY 2023.
  • The Readiness component will not include either the Attendance indicator at any grade level nor the College and Career Readiness data for high schools.
  • Due to the suspension of substantial indicators and components of the CCRPI, no overall CCRPI score will be produced for SY 2022.
  • The figures provided to the Board include preliminary scores for the available CCRPI components for SY 2022 and include school, district, state, and comparison group data. Key Points
  • SCCPSS outperformed the state on the Graduation Rate component.
  • The district scored at or above the comparison group in 6 of the 7 reported components, including elementary grades Content Mastery and Readiness; middle grades Readiness; and high school Content Mastery, Readiness, and Graduation Rate.

Good News

Manilow Music Teacher Nominees

Congratulations to our Manilow Music Teacher Award nominees!! SCCPSS had four teachers nominated for the award:  Emily Graham of Islands High School; Chloe Washington of Windsor Forest High School; Lashon Leggett of Herschel V Jenkins High School; and Reginald Mitchell of Savannah High School.  The public was invited to vote.  After all the votes were tallied, Reginald Mitchell was selected for the special recognition from legendary singer and songwriter Barry Manilow.  The award includes a $5,000 cash prize and $5,000 Manilow Bucks credit to purchase instruments for the classroom! AND the prize includes TEN complimentary tickets for Mr. Manilow's January 15 performance with a backstage meet and greet. Congratulations to Mr. Mitchell!

Myers Middle Grant for Health and Wellness

Congratulations to Myers Middle School! They were selected to receive a 2023 AASA/Sourcewell Helping Kids Mini Grant for $2,500! Chosen from nearly 100 applicants, Mr. Marcus Scott, principal at Myers Middle School, will use this grant to aid in their efforts to meet the health and wellness needs of Myers' students. AASA will recognize the grant recipients at the National Conference on Education in February.

Find more good news here:

Student of the Month Recognized

The Superintendent's Student of the Month for December is Alexa Antunez Santos, an 11th grader at Sol C. Johnson High School. Congratulations, Alexa!

Policy First Reads

Policy EBG and Regulation EBG-R – Repairs (Four Year Review) • No Policy Changes to Language • Changes Recommended for Regulation only Pursuant to Board Policy BDE- Policy Review, District Administration has reviewed Board Policy EBG along with the supporting regulation. There are no changes recommended for the Board Policy. The regulation EBG-R has been updated to reflect the current prioritization of repairs within the District.

Policy GBRA– Professional Personnel Health Examinations (Four Year Review – Deletion Recommended) Pursuant to Board Policy BDE- Policy Review, District Administration has reviewed Board Policy GBRA and has determined a need to delete the policy. The information within this policy is best suited within the existing Administrative Regulation GARH-R(1) pertaining to Employee Leaves and Absences. The information contained relates to the health requirements needed to ensure an employee can fulfill the job expectations for continued employment within the District. Modifications to Regulation GARH will be presented upon the second read of Policy GBRA.

Policy EF and Regulation EF-R – Data Management (Four Year Review – Deletion Recommended) Pursuant to Board Policy BDE- Policy Review, District Administration has reviewed Board Policy EF along with the supporting regulation and determined a need to delete both policy and regulation. The content of the information within the policy and regulation is provided throughout other data related Board policies.

Board Business

Election of Board Officers

In accordance with Article VI of the Board's Bylaws, officers shall be elected at the first meeting in January of each year. Those elected to new positions at the January meeting are: Vice President – Dr. David Bringman; Vice President Pro-Tempore – Denise Grabowski; and Assistant Secretary – Olivia Hale. The Superintendent serves as Treasurer and Secretary Ex-Officio to the Board. The Chief Financial Officer serves as Assistant Treasurer. Each term is for a one-year period.

2023 Board Meeting Calendar Approved

The Board approved the calendar schedule of meetings for 2023, including Public Hearings on the Budge and Millage Rate.  The September Regular Board Meeting will be held at 6:00pm, rather than the usual time of 2:00pm.

Committee Appointments

The Board President announced Committee and GSBA Liaison appointments for 2023.  See the designations here:

First Responders Appreciation

The Board recognized January 11th, 2023, as First Responders Day to recognize and thank all First Responders for their support of the Savannah-Chatham County Public School System and for their lasting contributions made daily to our communities. This bravery was displayed on the morning of Wednesday, November 30th, 2022, during the active shooter hoax that created major disruptions to our school operations and our community.

EPA Clean Bus Program Rebate Grant Approved

On December 7, 2022, the Board approved the EPA grant in the amount of $9,875,000. The grant will award $9,375,000 for 25 new electric buses and $500,000 for eligible charging infrastructure. The Board approved the ratification to the Facility Repairs revenues and expenditures.

Funds Transfer Approved to Install EV Charging Stations

The Board approved an operating transfer to the Multiple EV Charging Stations Account for additional District needs.  $1,500,000 in savings that resulted from limited operations was approved for transfer to support District functions.

Susie King Tayler Quarterly Update

Staff from Susie King Taylor Community School provided a required Quarterly Update to the Board.  Highlights include:

● SKTCS is on the TSI Exit List and is no longer a TSI school

● MOY iReady Reading data shows an increase of 22% of students scoring At or Above Grade level in K-5 and 18% in 6-8

● MOY iReady Math Data shows an increase of 9% of students scoring At or Above Grade level in K-5

Policy Adoptions

Policy BC – Board Meetings (Four Year Review – Recommended for Deletion) Pursuant to Board Policy BDE- Policy Review, District Administration has reviewed Board Policy BC and determined the policy is to be deleted. The language for this policy can be found in proposed regulation BCBI-R.

Policy BCBI – Policy and BCBI-R – Regulation (NEW) – Public Participation in Board Meetings (Mid Period Review – Changes Recommended) District Administration has reviewed Board Policy BCBI along with the supporting regulation in response to updates from the 2022 Legislative Session that require each local Board of Education to adopt “Rules of Conduct" for members of the public as stipulated under O.C.G.A. §20-2-58(c)(3).

Policy GAMB – Possession of Weapons by Employees (Four Year Review – Changes Recommended) Pursuant to Board Policy BDE- Policy Review, District Administration has reviewed Board Policy GAMB and determined a need for changes to ensure alignment with existing Board Policy KMB – Possession of Weapons by Visitors.

Policy IDFA and Regulation IDFA-R – Gender Equity in Sports (Four Year Review – Changes Recommended) Pursuant to Board Policy BDE- Policy Review, District Administration has reviewed Board Policy IDFA along with the supporting regulation. Language has been updated to clearly state that the District adheres to Georgia law regarding the approach of gender and athletics eligibility.

Budget Transfer for Port Wentworth Campus Police Building Renovations

The Board approved the transfer of funds EIV Safety and Security Main Account to Campus Police-Port Wentworth Building Renovations Account. The transfer of funds will accommodate Campus Police Department move to the Port Wentworth Building. The funds will be used for construction, electrical work, fencing, and other work related to facility renovations.

Increasing Internet Bandwidth at Central Office

The Board approved the award of RFP #23-16, ERATE Eligible Internet Bandwidth at the District's Central Office (Annual Contract), to ENA Services, LLC., for an initial one-year contract award period at the total cost of $24,000 with the option to renew for two (2) additional one-year renewal periods.

Personnel Moves

The Board also approved a number of personnel moves at the January Regular Board Meeting.  Congratulations to:

James May – new Acting Assistant Chief Operations Officer.

Sharonda Murrell – new Acting Senior Officer of Teaching, Learning, and Leadership Development.

Krystal Bell - new Acting Senior Officer of Teaching, Learning, and Leadership Development.

Deanna Hall – Interim Assistant Chief Human Resources Officer.

Renee Bryant-Evans new Senior Officer of Teaching, Learning, and Leadership Development.


Student Success Expo

Saturday, January 21, 2023 - 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM

Savannah Civic Center

​February Board Meeting

Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Informal – 11:00am; Regular – 2:00pm

Whitney Administrative Complex

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