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Highlights from the September 7, 2022 Board Meeting

Published on: 9/8/2022

Transportation Update

At the Informal Meeting of the Board, an update on Transportation was provided to Board Members. The report shows the district is still struggling with a shortage of drivers.  There are currently only 214 active drivers, eight fewer than at the end of the 2021-22 SY.  That staffing shortage is impacting the ability to provide on-time arrivals, departures, and drop-offs.  The SCCPSS Transportation Department continues to assess routes and ridership to improve efficiency, and remains committed to implementing effective hiring strategies.


Also at the Informal Meeting, an update on various ESPLOST projects currently underway was presented to the Board.  Those updates included:

  • K-12 Multi-School Campus: Work continues on roofing, enclosure, and exterior finishes. Mechanical and electrical rough in work in progress at enclosed areas. Terrazzo work scheduled to begin in August 2022. Work on the CTAE building also under construction.
  • Windsor Forest High replacement: In the Design phase with schematic design in progress. Reviewing options for temporary parking both on and offsite. CMR bids scheduled for 1st Quarter 2023.  Projected to have an August 2025 Opening.
  • The Pulaski Elementary K-8 Conversion is currently in the design phase, as is the addition of classroom space at Godley Station K8 and planning for a new school for Jacob G. Elementary.
  • Construction is continuing on the new kitchen and cafeteria at Savannah Arts Academy, with classroom renovations scheduled to begin this month.

Contract Approved for Professional Consulting Service for ESPLOST Projects

The Board approved the award of Contract # MC23002 to the firm of Eagle Creek Leadership Solutions, LLC for one (1) year period with two (2) additional one (1) year periods, in the amount of $249,600.00.  Due to the increased workload, staff have identified the need for consulting services that will bring support to concentrate on and manage the District's complex construction projects and services.

Contract Approved with Georgia Power for Lighting Improvements

The Board approved a contract with Georgia Power for Phase III LED Interior Lighting for a lump sum cost of $4,404,100.00 through the use of ESPLOST funds.  The contract came about following the September 9, 2020, award of RFP C21-03 to Georgia Power to provide Energy Management Consulting Services for the school district. At that time, Board Approval was granted to proceed with a Zero Dollar Cost preliminary audit which resulted in the development of the recommendation for potential savings. Georgia Power has completed the Phase III study and has developed a final proposal for the board that can be self-funded through energy savings generated by the improvements which consist of LED Lighting Renovations at 15 sites.

The project will be paid for with ESPLOST Funds.  The transfer of those funds was also approved at the meeting.

Community Business Partner Spotlight

Ms. Ashley Dubois, of Members First Credit Union was in attendance at the Regular Meeting of the Board to receive recognition for her organization as a long-time business partner.  Members First has supported Savannah-Chatham County Public Schools for many years, providing everything from annual planners to sponsorships for our community engagement programs like Books, Blankets and Family Fun. They attend and participate in nearly every event we do, whether district wide or at individual schools, helping us provide financial literacy to our staff and students. In the next month, through the support of Members First, we will enhance the Financial Literacy pathway at Woodville Tompkins with the launch of a student run credit union office right on campus!

Student of the Month Recognized

The Superintendent's Student of the Month for August is Reese Stainback, a Senior from Savannah Arts Academy. Congratulations, Reese!

Superintendent's Professional Senate Report

A report from the latest meeting of the Superintendent's Professional Senate was presented by our Teacher of the Year and Instructional Support Person of the Year.

Policy First Reads

Policy LD – School - General Government Relations (Four Year Review –Changes Recommended) Pursuant to Board Policy BDE- Policy Review, District Administration has reviewed Board Policy LD and determined a need to update language regarding how the District engages with other governmental agencies.

Policy BCBD - Board Meeting Agendas Four Year Review (Changes Recommended) Pursuant to Board Policy BDE-Policy Review, District Administration has reviewed Board Policy BCBD - Board Meeting Agendas and has determined a need for changes to align with current practice.

Policy Adoptions

Policy JRB – Parents' Bill of Rights (New Policy) District Administration has determined a need to create Board Policy JRB – Parents' Bill of Rights due to the passing of House Bill 1178 from the 2022 Legislative Session and signed into law by the Governor of Georgia. The language stipulates certain requirements supportive of parent involvement in schools. Administrative procedures relative to the requirements of this policy section will be developed by the Superintendent with feedback from parents and administrators and posted to school websites.

Intergovernmental Agreement Approved with City of Port Wentworth

The Board approved the use of the athletic fields at Rice Creek K-8 School, located at 100 Mulberry Avenue, Port Wentworth, Georgia, by the City of Port Wentworth to provide benefits to the community in a manner that maximizes efficient use and expenditures of public funds and resources. SCCPSS will make the fields available for temporary use as a practice area for the City's “Port Wentworth Patriots Youth Football" program available to children ages 7 to 12. In recompense, the City will provide year-round maintenance of the fields.

Personnel Moves

Congratulations to…

Cheri Brown who has been named Director of Accounts Payable.

And to Kami Mace who has been named Director of Disbursements/Payroll.


​Capital Improvements Committee

Wednesday, September 14, 2022 - 9:00 AM

Whitney Administrative Complex- Building G

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