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 Requesting Immunization Information

The GRITS registry contains immunization history that has been entered by Georgia healthcare providers. If individuals had any immunizations, such as flu, tetanus, etc. after 2002, there is a good possibility that it has been entered into the registry.

If this is the case, an individual may send a written request for their record by mail, email, or fax with the required information listed below in order to proceed with a search within the Georgia Registry of Immunization Transactions and Services (GRITS) database.

Once a search is conducted, generally three to five working days from the time the complete request is received, GRITS will respond back to that individual with the results of the findings, at no cost.

Required information:

  • First, Middle, and Last Name (of child) at the time immunizations were received
  • Complete date of birth
  • Gender 
  • Mother's MAIDEN Last and First Name 
  • County where immunizations were administered, if in Georgia
  • Your present mailing address 
  • Current contact telephone number
  • Legible copy of your current, state-issued PHOTO I.D., (lightened and enlarged, if faxing)
Please provide email address, fax number, or mail to address, including the 4-digit zip code extension to receive the records. This information is not forwarded to third parties. Any omission of requested information may result in a delay in processing

​If not, you may want to try contacting:
  • The last physician or health care facility where you had immunizations administered  
  • The insurance carrier that covered you at the time of the immunizations
  • Or you may have serology (titer/blood) tests done to determine which immunizations you have already received.
Contact information for GRITS:

Georgia Registry of Immunization Transactions and Services 
2 Peachtree Street, NW, Suite 13.277
Atlanta, GA 30303-3142
 (404) 463-0810 (Office)
 (404) 657-7496 (Fax) 

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