Published on: 2/17/2022


Middle School (6th-8th Grade) Soccer officially starts on Tuesday, Feb 22. with practice/tryouts at Daffin Park. Those interested in playing need a current sports physical turned into Mr. Sean to practice/try out. We will meet in the backyard and be bussed to Daffin Park to practice until 5pm.

If students haven't already expressed interest to Mr. Sean please let him know ASAP-



COVID guidelines
·         Mask/face covering upon entry of athletic facility.
·         Student-Athletes and coaches should wear mask/face covering when stagnant on the sideline/bench
·         One side of the gymnasium will be for the volleyball teams and score tables.
·         Spectators will sit on the opposite side of the gymnasium away from the volleyball team and scores table.
·         Players shall use their own water/beverage bottles (sharing these items are prohibited.​

*The most up-to-date information can be found in the "Athletics" course of ItsLearning.*

For Middle School AthletesSports offered in Middle school for  6th, 7th, and 8th Grade at Ellis

*In order for students to be able to participate in any sports activities, all paperwork is to be turned in to Mr. Sean in Room 36.  

Please fill out both the athletic paperwork 1 and 2.


Paperwork 1- Parents will fill out pages one and two and take them to the doctor to fill out pages three and four. *IMPORTANT* Ask for a sports physical NOT a regular physical- you will get in much quicker. Also, the minute clinic is a quick alternative. 

Paperwork 2- Parents will fill out all pages and sign all documents, then have the student sign all documents.

Girls Sports
Cross Country- (Practice/tryouts starts Aug. 23rd)- Coach: Ms. Marianne Howze (
Volleyball- (Practice/tryouts starts Sept. 13th)- Coach: Mr. Sean Vetrovsky (
Swimming- (Practice/tryouts starts Nov. 1st) - This is an individual sport at the Aquatic Center (more info to come)
Basketball- (Practice/tryouts starts Nov. 8th)- Coach: Ms. Christy Caughran (
Soccer- (Practice/tryouts starts Jan. 10th.)- Coach: Mr. Sean Vetrovsky (​)

Boys Sports
Cross Country- (Practice/tryouts starts Aug. 23rd)- Coach: Ms. Marianne Howze (
Swimming(Practice/tryouts starts Nov. 1st)- This is an individual sport at the Aquatic Center (more info to come)
Basketball -(Practice/tryouts starts Nov. 8th)- Coach: TBD
Soccer   -(Practice/tryouts starts Jan. 10th.)- Coach: Mr. Joel Irvin​ (​)

For questions about middle school sports, you may email the Ellis Athletic Director, Mr. Sean (​).

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