History is Monumental (8th Grade, High School)

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​​​​​​ Walking Program, 2 Hours         

This program begins at Massie where participants view a three-dimensional model of the Historic District. Through a narrated laser show, participants gain an overview of Savannah's unique city plan, the history of her people and monuments, and the historic fires that consumed the city in its past. This program continues outside along Bull Street with a talk at each square, namely Monterey, Madison, Chippewa, Wright and Johnson. The monuments on each square are focal points for local, state, national, and world history. Groups may request a Revolutionary War or a Civil War emphasis or a combination of the two. 

Georgia Standards:

8th Grade – SS8H1a, SS8H1b, SS8H1c, SS8H2a, SS8H2b, SS8H2c, SS8H2d, SS8H2e,                  SS8H3a, SS8H3b, SS8H3c, SS8H3d, SS8H5a, SS8H5b

High School – SSUSH1b, SSUSH2c, SSUSH4b, SSUSH4c, SSUSH, SSUSH6d, SSUSH9c,                       SSUSH10a, SSUSH10b

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