Summer Camp - Camper Information

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2022 Summer Camps are FULL. 

The waitlist is currently full as well. If you are on the waitlist and a spot becomes available, the Summer Camp Coordinator will contact you with the email address listed on your campers application.

Thank you for your understanding.​​​


Campers will receive one (1) t-shirt for each week of camp attendance. For your child's safety, Oatland Summer Camp t-shirts must be worn every day. All previous years' colors are acceptable attire and additional t-shirts may be purchased at Orientation on Monday morning for $10 each. If your child is enrolled in multiple camps during the summer they will receive a t-shirt for each week. 


Pack a lunch for your camper each day. Lunches must not require refrigeration or the use of a microwave. Snacks such as sno-cones, popsicles or watermelon will be provided.


Please send a clean, refillable water bottle to camp each day.​​​​​​​


For your child's safety, Oatland Sumer Camp T-Shirts must be worn every day. Shoes, with socks, are recommended, as sandals/flip flops do not protect feet on the trails or during some activities.

Sprinkler Day Attire

One or two days each week, your child will have the opportunity to cool off with some splashing fun! A flyer will be sent home to let parents know which day to send in extra items. A bathing suit, or a change of clothes and a change of shoes that can get wet are a must. Water soakers and towels are optional.

We ask that you do not send Bug Spray or Sun Screen

Please apply these items prior to arriving for camp each morning. If bug spray is necessary, we recommend spraying on clothing instead of skin.

Board of Education Policy states: The parent is responsible for the application of sunscreen or insect repellent, because of the potential of over application and allergic reaction. Students should not be allowed to bring or apply these items at school or the same reasoning. Like other over-the-counter medication they have the potential of being abused or given to other causing illness.​ 

Please Note: Oatland Island is notorious for red bugs/chiggers. Avoid them by applying bug spray to under garments where elastic meets skin and on socks and shoes.


Oatland Summer Camp uses a four stage disciplinary plan to control continuous disruptive behavior from camp students. Disruptive behavior is initially addressed by the classroom teacher. 

  1. If the student's behavior does not improve, the child is brought to the Summer Camp Coordinator's office to be reprimanded. 
  2. Upon the second incident of misconduct, the child is brought to the office again, and the parent is notified by phone.
  3. Upon the third incident, the parent is called again, and thus informed that if the behavior continues, the child may be dismissed without a refund of camp fees.
  4. In the event of a fourth incident, the child is dismissed for the remainder of the camp session.

Personal Items

Items such as lunchboxes, water bottles and backpacks​ must be marked with your child's name. At the end of the summer, all unclaimed lost and found items will be discarded.

Consent for Treatment

Safety precautions will be taken at all times during camp activities.

In the event of illness or injury, the Parent/Guardian will be contacted immediately.

By submitting a signed Oatland Island Summer Camp application , the Parent/Guardian consents to the following:

  • ​If the Parent/Guardian is unable to be contacted after numerous attempts, medical treatment deemed necessary by a licensed physician or dentist will be utilized.
  • In a life threatening situation, emergency medical care will be provided to ensure your child's safety.
  • If deemed necessary, your child will be transferred to a hospital.
  • The Parent/Guardian will accept full financial responsibility for the payments of all charges made for medical services rendered.
  • The Parent/Guardian will absolve school officials for any liability who in good faith comply with this procedure.


Oatland Island Wildlife Center does not have an onsite medical technician/nurse. If your child needs medication during camp hours, you must be available to administer the medication. This includes prescription and OTC drugs. Please continue all behavior enhancing medications!


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Oatland Island Summer Camp Coordinator 
by email or at (912) 395-1513.

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