Tardy Policy and Procedures

Published on: 3/16/2023

​​​​​Tardy Policy and Procedures

The tardy policy at Savannah Arts Academy is to reduce excessive classroom disruptions due to students’ tardiness to class. Savannah Arts Academy firmly believes that this policy will encourage students to be academically successful in a more structured standards-based learning environment. All students are expected to be in school and/or in classes on time. Students are considered tardy to school if not in class seated by 7:40 AM.

Please be aware that the state of Georgia does not excuse heavy traffic and/or poor weather conditions as a reason for being tardy to school.

If an announcement is made to allow students extra time to enter class, teachers will adhere to the request and forego the tardy sign in at the front office.

All students are expected to be in class on time. This means in the classroom before the 7:40 start time, otherwise, the student is tardy.

Tardies roll over each nine weeks; however, only 5 parent notes can be submitted per school year.

Tardy to School Procedures:

All students who report to school after 7:40 AM must adhere to the following procedures to be admitted to class:

  1. If a student is late, he/she should report to the front office to sign in.
  2. The front office will issue the student a tardy pass to report to class.
  3. The student will give his or her teacher the tardy pass and the teacher will record the student as tardy in PowerSchool.
  4. Students may submit up to 5 parent notes per year for being tardy to school. Doctor’s notes, (with the time the student was at the doctor) are always considered excused tardies.
  5. Excuses for tardies must be submitted to Dr. Belue in the main office. Only tardy excuses are submitted to Dr. Belue. Attendance excuses are submitted to Matilda Salaam.

Consequences for Unexcused Tardy(s) to Class (*Cumulative total of tardies, not per class):

  • 1st – 5th Offense: Warning
  • 6th Offense: Lunch Detention
  • 7th – 2 Days of Lunch Detention
  • 8th Offense: ISS - 1 day
  • 9th Offense: ISS – 2 Days
  • 10th Offense: OSS until Attendance Contract/Parent meeting is held. *****On the 10th Offense, a parent conference will be assigned, and the student will be placed on probation******

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